Health and Safety

At the recent site inspection the Trustees noted these problems:

·    Sticks and  row markers leaning over paths;

·    Water butts and ponds uncovered, a danger to children – one also had a very jagged inside edge.

·    Sheds with sharp projections, broken window glass and in a dilapidated state.

·    Materials near or overhanging paths with sharp ends, or likely to cause someone to trip.

·    Compost bins with sharp projections or jagged corrugated iron.


Please check your plot occasionally to see that it is safe for other people who may be around. Use your common sense! And be responsible, please.







Health and Safety report on allotment sites16 April 2011.



Trustees:   Mr. C.Cairns, Mrs. S.Vickers, and Messrs. D.Hayden and D.Lovegrove,

Tenants:   Mrs. J. Cottee, Messrs. M.Geater,  K.Phillips and R.Buckingham,

In attendance:  Mr. O.Jenks (Clerk to the Trustees).


1.         Chapel Hill site – no problems were noted.


2.         Polsted Rd./Armour Hill site:


a).        The boundaries to plots on all four sides should be kept as paths, level, cut and without             obstruction.   Where there is a drop to the plot, this should be clearly visible.


b).        Garden or other waste should not be dumped in the Reserved Area.


c).        Hard materials kept for future use, or hard waste should be removed from site or, if for future use, kept tidily and in a way that there are no dangers to people passing by or to intruding young people, who might climb on them.


d).        Sheds should be kept in sound condition.    Roofs should not project over paths &c. or project to cause a danger to anyone passing by.

            Asbestos roofs should not be drilled, sawn, broken or disposed of without seeking advice (try