Minutes of Meeting of the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society: 

Monday 21 November 2016

 Present: Dave Griffiths (chair) William  Macphee, Carine  Guenand, Jenny  Cottee (sec) ,Mary Bartlett (membership secretary)  David Elton, Phil Smith, Deborah Dadd 

Apologies:, Colin Robinson, Karen Fidler (Treasurer) Stephanie Keighley ( agent of the Trustees of TPLC)



Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting, and apologized for his absence at the last meeting. We agreed the items and running order of the agenda .


i.            Report from TPLC. Jenny distributed plot plans showing changes referred to in reports   and circulated the report  below (received by email)

We had a successful open morning a few weeks ago when 8 plots were taken up.  

Please note that Marsden Baker's former plots have now been made into a 3/4 plot due to the limited growing space.  So the plot is now PB3.

In terms of vacant plots:

2 plots currently vacant (PD8b and AB10a)

2 plots probably becoming vacant at the end of Nov(PB8T and AA16b) as these tenants have been served with notice and have yet to respond.

1 plot available from 1 Jan (PD5a)

 Jenny reported that she had asked several questions  -Stephanie had raised the matters with the Trustees and had supplied the following answers

a) Proposal that just quote Stephanie, as the contact point for water emergencies on the noticeboard and on the front page of Dig It, not any plot-holders. Agreed

b) Proposal we will report in Dig It that water will be turned off on 1 Dec and back on by 1 March Agreed

c) Ash tree- at PD6- quotes for trimming being obtained for   Trustees  consideration at next meeting-and PD7b -no response

d) Additional signage at entrances to allotment site-agreed- Trustees will determine wording and fund new signs

e) Proposed bench and possible plaque at carpark- funded by TAS   permission granted





















Reports from TAS officers: Membership Secretary Mary reported that she is hoping to clarify some discrepancies between the waiting list versions (Stephanie’s’ and ours) and we need to double check the names of plot holders who have left -to remove them from mailing lists. Secretary  reported in individual topics




Site Updates a) Plot lettings so far -   we noted the lettings reported  (in 1 above)  and studied our  updated site plan. We note there appears to be one discrepancy between TAS officers understanding and report by Stephanie. Committee are pleased that so many plots have been let and hope that all identified vacancies can be filled by 1 Feb to permit timely preparation and  cropping. We note some iffy plots remain .




 b) Welcome packs  are being delivered by committee members  to new plotholders and  contact established (David PB3b, Karen PC9a, MaryAB7b , DeborahAB18a  and jenny AA14 a&b )


 c) We noted the special issues regarding Gurkha plot-holders- do they want welcome packs, we have no individual contact details so alerting regarding site issues eg security is tricky The guidance from Peter Beard and Chandra Burathoki is that they will be i/c contact with all Gurkha plotholders 


 We also considered whether co-opting/inviting committee membership would help two-way communications -currently they are under-represented



d) manure delivery-there seems to be a problem- neither of previous suppliers is delivering to the site currently- alternative ideas welcome-needed asap to go in Dig It

Jenny and mary seek   information re status of plot AB19a

 TAS ctty review the ‘at risk’ listed plots jan onwards.


Jenny contact Peter and Chandra  and give them welcome packs to use as seems best  and discuss best two-way communication routes



Noticeboards and dig it

1.       p


Employee volunteering Deborah is waiting for response from the Trustees regarding the ‘in principle’ agreement and some paperwork early in the New Year  Deborah will prepare a summary for consideration by potential firms/ and their employees

All keep eyes open for variety  tasks to suit many. Pass on to Deborah


Checking feedback from plot holders at AGM We looked at the summary, noted that only say 25-30% of plot-holders attended but that there were no new  major concerns .It was good that theft of crops was not a major issue. We need to maximise attendance- not too much emphasis on business…

  Call event

Annual get-together


Recent Shed break-ins etc and contact with the police There had been criminal damage to at least one shed- reported and crime number obtained, and some incidents when kids were attempting to break in.

No reliable tv recording systems on site (no mains electricity) so police levels of attention are limited. But we can encourage all to take  sensible precautions, and police to do a bit of routine policing

As part of the police re-structuring which has meant we have only one single PC   with much long standing ( more than 12 months) knowledge of this area , We have 2 new PCSO ( and one vacancy being filled). Jenny  met PCSO Dannielle Du-Toit on site at dusk, showed her key areas and trouble hot-spots, gave her a site plan, and agreed contact arrangements. Jenny  told Danni  we  hope for (i) PCSO to walk through site en-route for destinations like Armour Hill (ii) full records kept and any pattern of incidents acted on Danni will pass on info, seek agreement and report back( email) to jenny.

Advice to all plotholders  unchanged- report all incidents etc-  tas will      use all communication routes to alert plot-holders re incidents .                               


Mervyn’s fund ( and waitrose cash)  We noted the  agreement of the Trustees to the suggestion to buy a bench, and considered the proposal carefully. We decided to buy a simple brown  bench ( no back) made of re-cycled plastic , a plaque to go on the seat, and install  the bench on concrete base ( normal length legs screwed onto the base, not too close to the entrance .    

Preliminary thoughts re plaque -glued on to seat of bench -talk to trophy shop? Undecided who to do concrete- DIY or builder? Preliminary discussions  with  possibilities and decision next meeting                                                                                                  

Responsibilities as follows a).Deborah and Colin decide location of bench                                                            b) jenny contact firm re plaque possibilities  and depth of concrete base                                                                      c) after finance arrangements clarified with Karen, Deborah will order the bench and keep it until  installation                                                                                                                                            d) jenny discuss wording with Mervyn’s family eg  Mervyn gardened here for x years

Need to check out how long is possible….



Polsted Potholes. We considered all the information to hand. Some but not all questions had been answered and there remained several concerns   and decided not to make a commitment of support to repairing Polsted rd potholes. Jenny should inform the Foxon’s and ask to be kept up to date


Digit copy date is imminent Thursday 24 Nov- aim for delivery weekend of 10 Dec-


Next Meeting will be on Monday 30 January 2017  and Members’ Spring get together Thursday11 May

Dave  closed the meeting at 9.04pm, thanking all for their attendance and contributions-excellent to have so many on board







Minutes of Meeting of the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society: 

Monday 5 Sept 2016

 Present: Dave Griffiths (chair) William  Macphee, Colin Robinson, Karen Fidler (Treasurer), and Jenny Cottee (sec) Apologies:, Stephanie Keighley,


We agreed the agenda, and accepted the mins. of the meeting held on Monday 22 June  2016



Reports: Secretary: correspondence/contacts- (i)  Water problems -steadily running tap14 has been replaced, and Polsted rd supply located through joint efforts including Stephanie,mostly Peter..(ii) updates/responses from Stephanie about issues reported at last meeting relating to site inspection,  attendance at AGM, or further plot lettings  received 29.08.16 (iii) We have passed on about 10  requests for plots since last meeting. iv) no news re Polsted Pothole  project  v) I have had conversation with a plot holder about possible volunteers through employees community volunteering scheme to do work on allotment site- suggestion passed on to stephanie who saysTrustees will consider in mid sept.  vi) Peter Ringrow  died after short illness- Stehanie has passed on his plot to Reg Huey( his  friend of 30 + years who cultivated it with him.) I  have been encouraging all who cultivate in teams to ensure the partner (non-listed ) goes on the waiting list.  vi) I have contacted Stephanie about 2 overgrown plots that appear to have overlooked  in recent inspections  vi )  I plan to give folders to  those who take on their plots  at the end  September asap.

Treasurer: No change since accounts were scrutinised, but we should receive the interst on the bond next week. Interest rates have dropped. The closure of HSBC School Rd branch is not causing us significant inconvenience.

Membership secretary: Mary passed round the  updated plot map showing new tenants and possible vacancies. Many thanks. She has contacted Stephanie requesting contact details of new tenants , and expects further changes after 1 Oct. There have been 15 new additions to the waiting list in the last 12 months.

vi) Next Dig It  suggest that people who cultivate in partnership should pass contact details to  Stephanie




Trustees report:  (i) 23 on waiting list , (ii) Questions for Trustees please by Friday 16 Sept.(iii)  She listed 3 new tenants since June and 3 to take on plots from September most had applied earlier in 2016 Comments: No clarification re on-going ghurka plots confusion re plots AA14 a &b she reported let in Dec. No evidence of action on the site.


 Wait for clarification


 Events since last meeting (22 June) and actions taken/suggested (i)  thefts from plots-reminders in Dig It (ii) water problem 1 current-( steadily leaking tap at ken& lost water supply at Armour Hill-Reported to Stephanie , also a team replaced the tap- I suggest paint top of access point yellow,(iii) water problem 2 (rotten post on tap 11 and tap 17 problems reported to Stephanie Excellent news both the taps have been repaired very promptly. (iv) Badgers have been consuming sweet-corn crops and doing lots of damage.



Water problem arrangements and contacts .We discussed arrangements for dealing with water problems and decided that the situation is not clear.

Contact stephanie


AGM  (i) draft papers were considered- and changes noted. (ii) we revised the task sheet and Mervyn's memorial fund suggestions exploring alternatives for both seat/bench  and the notices .when/if members agree what will be best detailed plans will be needed including discussions with the trustees

 (iii) Re elections we need new blood 2 suggestions made- jenny to contact asap. Other thoughts welcome..(iii) Teas- jenny to approach Lis Clayton to do this, Raffle organiser: jenny to find a volunteer...


Mary has given her apologies- unable to be there.

Jenny to do modifications- email re significant matters

 Colin working on info sheet re bench etc


REFUSE disposal: No RESCUE 2017. We discussed charges to be made for disposing of DIY waste, and that there will probably not be a RESCUE event- no cash to pay for disposal.

Karen /Mary alert folk via Facebook -Jenny do poster


Dig IT 74 is out- Stephanie will be posting it to plotholders. Jenny will e-mail to waiting list. 12 spare paper copies .Printing costs  has gone up. a lot although numbers of copies reduced



Questions  for Trustees: needed by Friday 16 Sept. We discussed rent reductions for incomplete years, number of people claiming free year after good cultivation progress,how maintenance matters are tackled.



Next Meeting will be on Monday 21 November – business by email and extra meet as needed


Dave closed the meeting at 9.05pm, thanking William and Joan for their kind hospitality.






Minutes of Meeting of the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society: 

Monday 13 June 2016

 Present: Dave Griffiths (chair) William  Macphee, Colin Robinson, Karen Fidler (Treasurer), and Jenny Cottee (sec) Apologies:, Stephanie Keighley, Mary Bartlett (membership sec)



We agreed the agenda, and accepted the mins. of the meeting held on Monday 25 April 2016



Reports: Chair-Dave reported an excellent show in all aspects . All the team deserve congratulations-

 Treasurer:  Karen reported that whilst other accounts were unchanged   the current account now stood at  £ 823.40 (includes the show takings, and TAS share of Mervyn’s fund ) .
 We discussed   banking alternatives available for societies   like TAS with accounts that have several signatories –needs investigation-there may be more options now.  We might find a better deal when the bond matures, and on-line banking might be possible 

Secretary: Jenny  had updated Stephanie on various site matters  and received responses about most issues- outstanding uncertainties remain about plots AA14a &b which Stephanie no longer lists as vacant, but appear to have no tenants.

The most serious matter has been concerns about   the well-being of chickens  and  activities in/around   a poly-tunnel .Following a report from a Polsted Rd resident Jenny had contacted the police and reported the matter to Stephanie- the Trustees have these matters in hand. and other issues relating to the tenancy

The routine arrangements about inquiries about vacancies is working well- some come from known relatives etc most people on the waiting list arrived there via contacting TAS . Dave passes on inquiries to TAS email account to Stephanie  and Mary.

Stephanie  has noted the AGM date-(29 Sept) and passed on the invitation to the Trustees. The Town Meal crowd-funding appeal had been successful so it seems likely that we will be involved again at the AGM  collecting produce etc.


Karen will investigate-  Also report about late news-will closure of HSBC branch in Tilehurst (9 sept) have any effect on us?


Trustees report: Stephanie had mailed a message covering several matters- the site inspection, vacant plots, and arrangements to let plots- details included in relevant sections



Polsted Rd potholes. We noted the correspondence between   Alex Foxon and the Secretary , but that answers to the questions were not to hand, so the situation is unchanged.

Future agenda


League of Friends of Royal Berks Hospital Show.- Sales £377- biggest ever .  we noted excellent quantity , quality and range of stuff to sell appealing to all tastes- and well presented- plants in flower etc. The stall appearance was excellent- (location of pitch with 2 sides for selling was very good) , we more or less sold out, helpers included some new hands, all good. Congratulations and thanks all round.

  Remember display team- Judith and Dave

Pass on timely messages re funky containers, sowing/taking cuttings etc


Mervyns Fund (i) Criteria-We decided that the money should be spent on something identifiable, reflecting Mervyn’s sociable nature and engagement with the locality

(ii) Two of three possibilities   suggested seem good-(a) metal noticeboards to be attached to the gates giving the name of the allotments and indicating plots available to let , and (b) bench in the car park area ( low maintenance eg recycled plastic waste like the KOG plot) so people can sit to put on wellies. A third suggestion- improve the main through path   seemed more problematic- not suitable for Mervyn’s fund but might be a general improvement to be funded by TAS if we can sort out a suitable scheme  and sort out differences of opinions between plotholders re how good a surface we need…

We decided that both bench and notices seem good- we should proceed with both- not limited just to Mervyns fund -TAS funds available for site improvements   and identified who would undertake what.

All would need discussion with landlord when plans have been worked up further so unlikely to be finalised until autumn

Dig it- and inform relatives

Consider main path maintenance next agenda

Colin-check  out location for bench

Jenny ask Waitrose about supplying a bench and check out purchase

Dave investigate metal bench




Site Inspection 11 June Stephanie reported that the inspection had taken place, and letters have been written to tenants concerned, Most matters related to under-cultivation, other serious matters were uncovered water containers, and lack of drinking water for chickens.

When the report has been approved by the Trustees she will send it on to the Society.

Reminder in Dig It re covering water containers


Communicating with Members. We discussed the different ways we communicate –how  to get messages out rapidly. Using   a general email using the email addresses we have seems the quickest and most effective- although sometimes it is treated as spam. The cascade idea- and patch reps has not taken off, and involves no less effort for the secretary than direct mailing. Facebook has some users, and use is growing- worth using both routes.  The on-site post boxes suit some -eg completed  questionnaires

 Jenny do general mailing as needed.


Site issues Stephanie reports 5 named plots are currently vacant( this tallies with our perception apart from the AA14 issue referred to above. , and she has received notification that 3 further plots will be vacated in September. 8 people on the waiting list have been invited to view plots next weekend. Hopefully new tenants will be able to come to a working arrangement with outgoing ones so deterioration will be minimised.

Stephanie  has arranged for grass to be cut on 2 vacant plots to make them less daunting for new tenants,

Padlocks: Colin reported that - if the padlock  on the carpark gate  is fastened at the very end of the chain it is possible to lift it over the post… ( jenny checked this-I think we just need to warn  in Dig It- problem is very long chain… either drags on ground, or insecurity issue-but if people use a link not at the very  end when securing the padlock  all is OK ….(do we need a diagram/cartoon in dig it…?) Dave has had no further problems with Polsted rd padlock




Dig It-Recent issue was excellent -varied content interesting and rapidly   produced in spite of technical probs. The next issue will be a double one (AGM details)   content to include progress re Mervyn’s fund. Printed copies for all tenants will be ready for Stephanie to include with the rent letters in early Sept. Copy date Sunday 21 August

 Contributions welcome

Note date


Assisting the Clerk to Trustees. William raised the matter of how the Society could help with the process of letting plots . We discussed various possibilities and agreed that  an open-ended discussion would be best -William should discuss the matter with Stephanie and see if there is any way he could help.

We could consider repeating the message to people high on the waiting list to make sure they reply to an invitationto visit the site- tell Stephanie if there are timing difficulties etc





Dave closed the meeting at 8.50pm, thanking William and Joan for their kind hospitality.





Minutes of Meeting of the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society: 

Monday 25 April 2016

 Present: Dave Griffiths (chair) William  Macphee, Colin Robinson, Mary Bartlett (membership sec) , Karen Fidler (Treasurer), and Jenny Cottee (sec) Apologies:, Stephanie Keighley


Minutes of Committee meeting held on 11 January 2016 were accepted 


Reports : Treasurer Karen reported our situation as follows- Current account £399.33, Money manager £301.28 so total available funds in the bank £700 ( this includes £65 Mervyns fund already paid in) . The bond that matures in sept 2017 (when the interest earned will be paid) is valued at £9,000 .

Mervyns fund (when relatives and friends have made donations rather than paying for flowers), stands at £272 on line, off line donations to go in the bank £45 so we anticipate the total will come to £382 to be divided between THS and TAS (donations are not eligible for gift aid) . As soon as all has been cleared we will send a cheque for 50% to treasurer of THS.

Membership secretary:   Stephanie had reported that she has recently let two plots  and will resume renting plots after her 3 week business trip

Trustees : Stephanie had reported to Jenny  that the site inspection has been postponed to 11 June. The grass paths will be mown by Peter Andrews, who also kindly turned on the water after the winter turn -off. She said there are 5 vacant plots and 7 people on the waiting list, however she could not definitively clarify a letting muddle.

Secretary: Jenny had contacted Alex re details of the proposed arrangements for Polsted Rd repairs as agreed in email discussions. The arrangements to close the Mervyn Fund were in hand .


AGM date: Jenny had made preliminary inquiries-we decided that the AGM should be on Thursday 29 Sept


TPLC annual report and accounts for year ending 31.12 2014  were placed in the library in early April and are shown on the TPLC  website. The reports show that the numbers of applicants and grants issued have again reduced. 24 of 39 applicants received grants totalling £7,433. It is good to see that the reports revert to previous methods of reporting charitable rent   reductions. The development reserve fund stands at about (£1000)  after payment of  professional fees of £1,140 relating to planning  during the year. There are some more unexplained items- eg the £1000 increase in receipts from commercial rents.  The net income from the allotments came to £2,139 . This year was one in which   no major activity happened regarding land use. The Chapel Hill site land was vacated in Sept 2014, the tenants notice to quit having been reported in the 2013 report.


Events since last meeting and coming up. (i) RESCUE arrangements OK-light touch oversight of carpark area is fine, but we do need someone there when refuse collected, to repeat next year.

 (ii) Tenants meeting- disappointing attendance, but worthwhile event- would later in the year be better- when more active   gardening happening… Discussion group size  was good, but still not effective to help patches work. -persevere?

 (iii) Show- Sat 4 June- stall has been booked . We decided that we can organise by email need produce- well priced good variety of stuff Rhubarb, plants (herbs, young veg etc ,anything in flower) it would be god to attract some new helpers along with the experienced team .Encourage plot holders to come and say hello

 iv)  AGM date- see above- also thought about possible competitions- swapping ideas


Potholes in Polsted Rd.-request for financial help  a) Dave reported that only 18 (of a total of about 125 tenants responded to the survey  and that their views were split 50:50. We had one discursive letter weighing up pros and cons. The conclusion to be drawn   was that the tenants did not feel strongly on the matter.

 b)  Karen  had produced a cash flow analysis  showing our anticipated financial situation and available funds before the maturity of the bond in Sept 2017 based on some assumptions assumptions- eg no unexpected maintenance that is our responsibility one good and one poor year summer fair results, and  TPLC continues to pay AGM costs excluding Mervyn memorial donation. The result was that our current balance would not quite cover the anticipated expenses-a shortfall of £30 should be anticipated and allowed for.

c)  The committee decided to delay the decision about whether to   make a donation. until the further information requested from Alex was to hand.

 Report in Dig It


Dig It next edition- we agreed the copy date will be Wed 10 May so that the edition can come out by 18 May and delivered rapidly the content will include publicity for the Show (Sat 4 June . The following edition will  be early September focussing on the AGM  so this edition should focus on summer activities-   contributions welcome.

We discussed possible suggestions for summer activities and competitions at AGM/otherwise.-want to welcome any to step forward .

  Delivery team contact jenny if you anticipate delivery problems


Site issues :  (a) lettings we noted that there have been delays in letting plots.  Several plots were vacated in September 2015 (and were not very kempt then) so serious deterioration has occurred, and they are hard to let. Stephanie has reported   some problems with people not turning up, on another occasion prospective tenants reported   she did not arrive. These regrettable   difficulties have resulted in preparation time passing and lost growing opportunities. It is much the best if plots are let rapidly even   during winter months.

We decided it might help if Mary tried   to keep in occasional contact   with people known to be waiting for plots- check any problems they may have about timing of site visits and encourage them to keep in   contact with the land lord saying that they are keen to have a plot and times they are available to view vacant plots

  b) Vacant plots- apart from confusion regarding one plot there are 5 vacant half plots- including two that   are particularly difficult to let. The Committee have previously decided not to undertake any further covering  vacant plots with cardboard etc.

c) Tenant news- Alan Slade will vacate   PC12 a in Sept -he is  now i/c chickens on AA22,two new tenants Sam Dgweed-AB19a (probably might be b-needs clarification) Hanna AA14aJane Johnson PA5,  Dave Williams plans to vacate AB12 by September .Jenny had asked him to consider arrangements to minimise deterioration during the summer and pass on suggestions to Stephanie









Date of next meeting: Monday 13  June 2016 7.30pm


 Dave closed the meeting at 8.50pm, thanking William and Joan for their kind hospitality.














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Minutes of Meeting of the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society: 

Monday 11 January 2016

 Present: Dave Griffiths (chair) William  Macphee, Colin Robinson, Mary Bartlett (membership sec) , Karen Fidler (Treasurer), and Karen Fidler, Jenny Cottee (sec) Apologies:, Stephanie Keighley


Minutes of Committee meeting held on 26 Oct. 2016 were accepted 



Reports : Treasurer  reported that  there had been few outgoings since the last meeting  so situation is  about as last meeting

The formalities  re changing signatories at the bank had been held up by changes in forms, procedures etc, and general delays, however are now nearly complete

Secretary: Had  been in contact with  ex-tenants of Chapel Hill re disappointment at Trustees decision, with  Stephanie about site issues- water turn off, vandalism and police matters, new lettings and confusions re which plot has been let. –some matters resolved. Stephanie has said she will let me know when y/e 31 Dec 2014 accounts/report is available for library etc. She sent me Trustees comments on our last meeting::

‘Firstly the suggestion about the charity providing new tenants with laminated plot numbers.  The Charity would like to reiterate that it is the plot holders’ responsibility to maintain the plot numbers on their site, as stated within the tenancy agreement.

Secondly, the Charity acknowledges the Allotment Society’s concern about overgrown paths.  The main paths are maintained by the charity throughout the year with regular grass cutting and maintenance and are in good condition.  The Trustees will review the site during the Health and Safety visit in the spring.’  

Membership secretary:   She had met with Jenny and  together had  updated the site plan showing new tenants etc and clarified various issues.

Trustees : Stephanie had reported to Jenny  that there are 5 vacant plots and 7 people on the waiting list. She will resume letting plots at the end of January when she returns from holiday, when she will also  contact an existing  plot-holder about a letting muddle. 

Jenny and Dave to hand in forms 14.01.16












Chapel Hill site .The people  who reported Stephanie had been in contact about the possibility of resumption of letting plots on the site are disappointed at the Trustees decision just before the holiday not to re-open the site. 



Site issues  (i) lettings: 8 plots have been let  in the new letting year (some were let before the end of September since people had given early notification, some in November  with the most recent mid December. All  new members have received the welcome pack. (ii) Site security, vandalism, and contact with the police. Two crime reports were given to police after the incidents in December when 7 plots were visited with criminal damage of various degrees of seriousness   to 6. The complications of two police forces ( West Berks and Reading)  dealing with matters probably caused by the same 3-6 youths may have been resolved. We have established links with the Reading community team. Jenny has  met P.C. Andrew Frith  once on  site by prior  agreement with Dave, Peter and other plot-holders , and once by  happen-chance . PC Frith says  the site is now included in routine patrols. On the other-hand the youths continue to visit the site- smoking in a couple of sheds , and plot-holders are concerned.   (iii)  Plot numbers   noting the trustees’ response to the suggestion of laminated numbers on taking up a plot, we think it is a shame that simple way of getting plot-holders a good start has not been taken up. We will continue to encourage tenants to number the plots . (iv)  new tenants, resignations  and contact details We are establishing who has left and details of new people .We welcomed  Mary’s suggestion that she send committee members site plan showing the 50% whose contact details need to be verified- committee members to ask if they meet up on site   (v) course: managing your new plot  No takers  so remaining sessions cancelled. Ask at members meeting- (v)  donated tools  We decided to include the donated tools in a stall with others and books at the members meeting- for sale at  modest prices

 i) Encourage early notification.


ii) Remind to report incidents,  keep police informed 


iii) Dig It


iv) Mary- mention in dig it and members meeting

v) Dig It


RBC consultation about new Local Plan -2036 .  (i) We noted the forthcoming consultation on Issues and Options, see (http://www.reading.gov.uk/newlocalplan)  , the meeting with RBC speaker organised by  Tilehurst Globe  ( 20 Jan), and the RBC consultation meeting at the village hall 4 Feb . We decided that TAS  will respond, basing response  on previous responses , members to be encouraged to comment on the draft  at the members meeting , and send in personal comments.  See site A14 pg 63 for the Trustees’ suggestion re future of  TPLC land.).

  Karen will add  meeting details to face book


Members meeting Thursday  3rd  March: 7.30-9.00pm Village hall  (apols Colin) We think probably  the first part of the meeting would be devoted to seed/plant swops and books/ tools  groups  on site issues, and possible  funky containers   ,  There will not be any teas provided and second half move to discussion in groups of 6-8 people ( large patches( !)  to consider (i)  what do people think of website, Dig It?  Any priorities for improvements? (ii) , any ideas re social activities this summer- and volunteers to share the work? (iii) Why no takers for the beginners course? Anything else we could try? (iv) Comments on local plan (v) fundraising ideas/plans for RBH show stall 4 June ? any other matters e.g. vandalism messages  Please  update TAS re people moving/giving up etc

We decided we do not need sub committee- thinking caps, pass on ideas to Jenny by  dig it copy date ,then organise via email.


Mary phone Carolyn re funky containers –possible samples?


Dig It   we decided  next edition  Dig IT will have   copy date 7 Feb. so ready for delivery  21 Feb. .  the content will include members meeting, RESCUE arrangements, RBC  consultation



AOB  Web site- what are the priorities for design- mobile friendly? How high on priority list? What did people think of sample Dave alerted us to?




Date of next meeting: Monday 11 April 2016 7.30pm


 Dave closed the meeting at 8.45pm, thanking William and Joan for their kind hospitality.