Meeting update from the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society

Mon 12th November 2018 7:30 – 9:00 pm

1.       Welcome, apologies and agreement of today’s agenda

Apologies – Colin, William, Phil

Attendees – Dave G, Dave E, Jenny, Shireen, Mary, Rita & Deb

2.       Minutes of meeting Mon 20th August – agreed correct by Jenny

3.       Reports from Officers – Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary

Chair – Dave G passed on thanks to Phil with regards to the Turn Tilehurst Red display

Membership Secretary – Mary said Stephanie had contacted her, there’s been 9 new tenants, there are 9 vacant plots and 8 on the waiting list. Plots PA6 and PA9 have now been converted to half plots

Secretary – Deb confirmed new plotholders have had their welcome packs delivered

4.       Updates from the Charity – none received beyond plotholder changes to Mary

5.       Site Issues – Jenny reported that her visit to Scours Lane showed the Age Concern toilet to be nothing more than a bucket with a seat so not a suitable arrangement for us to adopt. As the Victoria has said they are happy for plotholders to use their facilities we’ll publish this in the next Dig It and assume the matter closed. Site gates have also been reported as left open so again it will be mentioned in Dig It as we do not want unwelcome visitors or bark deliveries. The new manure suppliers are working well/ good feedback. Timely delivery and good manure just not as much for your money as previous suppliers. Will publish details in next Dig It

6.       Next Dig It – Articles needed by 24th November. Shireen to write articles plus those items mentioned in these minutes and the annual water shut off (by 7th December) and Christmas Day gate locking). Deb will then organise printing and pass to Jenny to sort deliveries.

7.       Website fees – we currently pay £12p.a. for the website address and £72 p.a. for hosting via company 123. Action given to Phil (in his absence) to try and source a cheaper host. We’re signed up with 123 until October 2019 so no urgency.

8.       Next year’s League of Friends show – Saturday June 8th. Agreed we’ll rent a double plot as per last year and mention will be made in Dig It re plant/ seedlings for sale. Deb will sort out application when open.

9.       Bank Account – as Karen has left as Treasurer and Jenny is no longer secretary we agreed to change signatories to Phil, Dave G and Deb. Deb will ask Phil to organise asap

10.   Next Committee Meeting – will be 4th February unless room booked (25th Feb as reserve date)

11.   AOB – Jenny gave us an update on the planning process. The map provided by TPLC has reverted to showing our Armour Hill gate and track as being in the area to be sold/ developed. Jenny will pursue with planners to try and get this changed to being just the reserved land and to keep our access and security separate.



Minutes of the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society held on

Mon 20th August 2018 7:30

1.       Welcome, apologies and agreement of today’s agenda

a.       Apologies – Dave G, Mary and Dave E

b.      Colin agreed to chair

c.       Agenda agreed

2.       Minutes of meeting Mon 21st May – agreed correct

3.       Reports from Officers – Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary

Mary has heard back from Stephanie and her lists (plot holders and waiting list agrees with Stephanie’s)

Dave reported about use of allotment water by neighbour – this has been reported to Stephanie who may leaflet surrounding houses if reported again and also sweetcorn theft for which notices have been produced

Karen reported balances of £483.91for the current account and £201.94 for the Money Maker account. Last year’s accounts ready for scrutiny. Update, Deb has had accounts scrutinised and signed off as correct

4.       Updates from the Charity

Ken’s plot has been rented to Gordon. This year the Trustees are emailing plot holders with rent notice where email accounts known to cut costs. They will pay for the postage of the rent notice and next Dig It where email not known/ available

5.       Site Issues – anything to report?


Jenny will attend this week’s NAG meeting (police liaison) to hear about plans/ issues with the public toilet at the top of Kentwood Hill and report back.

Jenny will go to the Scour Lane allotments after conversation with Rita about Age Concern and their use of a portaloo and report back

Phil will go to the Victoria and Deb will go to the Butchers Arms to see if they’d be happy plot holders using their toilets

KOG plot:

Jenny raised that she has spoken to people interested in KOG plots but wanting table height ones. Discussion had over cost of building work, cheaper use of wood again as per discussion earlier in the year. Agreed we would discuss at the next committee meeting when we know who’s taking over the vacant plots and their needs. Sad death of Sue Clifford acknowledged.

Letterboxes/ Notices:

Deb will remove letterboxes as in bad state of repair and not used when next updating noticeboards

6.       Town Meal Preparation – are we happy to join in, who’ll do what. Town meal is 29/09/2018, donations needed by. Agreed we will join in again this year. Deb will email them to let them know and find out when and where donations are needed. Deb will also prepare notices for the event and collect donations. Jenny will take donations to them.

7.       Next Dig It – agreed we’ll email to people unlike previous years as there is no rent notice to include. Deb will work on articles and send to Dave for collation and preparation. Will include annual accounts, AGM agenda and article on green manure given animal manure hard to come by at the moment

1.       AGM – will follow same agenda as last year with Ian preparing a quiz. Committee members to arrive at 6:30 to help set up tables and tea/ coffee. Deb will buy some snacks. Mary has said she’ll make some cakes. All committee members to donate raffle prizes.

Deb happy to stand as secretary again (Jenny does not want the position back)

Karen not standing this year as Treasurer or as part of the committee due to other commitments. Phil agreed to take on Treasurer Role if voted in as well as taking over the Facebook account administration. All to ask for other volunteers.

2.       Next Committee Meeting – agreed for 12th November providing Dave G can attend and room available. If not will be 5th November

3.       AOB – Employee Volunteering may not happen next year as Deb will not be working for Prudential as job being transferred to a new company

Meeting Update from the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society

Mon 21st May 2018 7:30 – 9:00 pm


1.       Welcome, apologies and agreement of today’s agenda: Apologies – William; Attendees – Deb, Colin, Mary, Dave G, Dave E, Jenny, Phil and Karen

2.       Minutes of meeting Mon 5th February – are they correct – yes, agreed by Colin and Mary

3.       Reports from Officers –

·         Chair: thanks to Deb for GPDR article and apologies for sending out email to all as cc rather than bcc

·         Treasurer: Community Account balance £178.89, Money Manager Account balance £201.91 (total £380.80) plus bond; cheque paid to Deb for expenses

·         Membership Secretary: no changes to report, no contact from Stephanie re consolidating records. Raised £16 from the 2 Sunday swap stalls held so far passed to Treasurer

4.       Updates from the Charity – H&S report sent. Issues TAS will put up a couple of notices with regards to strimmer/ petrol safety and also no dumping. These messages will also be re-iterated in the next Dig IT.  Also notice of next year’s rent agreed as below:


Full Plot

Reduced Full Plot

Half Plot

Reduced Half Plot







·         Deb will create posters for above and put on noticeboards

5.       Site Issues – anything to report?

·         Top padlock is still broken but Stephanie has a new one on order

6.       THS Show and Turning Tilehurst Red

Agreed that whilst not in our remit we saw no issue if THS used the spare plot at Polsted Rd to advertise their show.

·         Dave G to email Claire – done

Turning Tilehurst Red - Agreed we should take part for publicity/ raising awareness of the allotments

·         Phil agreed he’d take ownership and will e-mail to confirm our participation and organise our display in November

7.       League of Friends Show

·         We will borrow 6 tables from THS (4 for TAS, 2 for Globe) and Phil will pick up on the Saturday morning

·         Colin to confirm THS shed opening times to Phil for pick up

·         Jenny, Dave G, Roger, Dave E and Phil will convene at site in morning to set up

·         Jenny, Dave G,  Dave E and Karen will  cover clear up at end of show

·         Deb will organise volunteers/ sales cover between 10 and 4 and issue a timetable for the day

·         Karen will be on the stall from 2:30 to the end

·         Mary will cover in the morning

·         Jenny has gazebos, banners, price tickets etc

·         Deb will put up posters advertising the Show, where to drop off donations etc

8.       Next Committee Meeting

·         20th August (subject to….) – Deb to arrange room booking and also confirm AGM booking for 27th Sep. Apologies in advance from Dave for 20th August

9.       AOB

·         Deb confirmed Employee Volunteering would be happening on 2 days at end of July/ start of August


Meeting Update from the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society

Mon 5th February 2017 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Welcome, apologies and agreement of today’s agenda: Apologies – Dave and Carine; Attendees – Deb, Colin, Mary, David, Karen and William

Minutes of meeting Mon 20th November – are they correct – yes, agreed

Secretary Position – Jenny’s resignation, any volunteers to  take on role apart from Deb,  appointment of acting secretary until AGM election –

·         No other volunteers, Deb will take over responsibilities

Reports from Officers –

·         Chair: no report as Colin covering

·         Treasurer: Current Account balance £427.53, Money Manager Account balance £401.84 (total £829.37 with approx. £70 to pay Jenny) plus £9700 in our bond

·         Membership Secretary: no changes to report

Updates from the Charity – 6 vacant plots agreed with Jenny of PA6a, PB13b, PC9a, PD5a, PD9a, AB5b; 7 people on waiting list (excl current plot holders and those who’ll contact when they want a plot); Stephanie holding an open morning on 24th Feb; Charity agreed KOG plot building work; charity in process of updating their website (removing out of date docs and uploading new docs incl. Charity annual reports)

·         Mary to confirm waiting list with Stephanie

Site Issues – anything to report?

·         Mary reported a shed break in (padlock replaced no other damage/ theft)

TAS Get Together – 12th April – agenda (quiz, seed and plant swap), volunteers, advertising etc.

·         Agreed we’d like Dave to do another quiz. Need to send a “Save the Date” e-mail and then put something in the next Dig It to remind people and also ask for extra seedlings/ seeds. Detailed agenda to be discussed at next committee meeting

Tilehurst Show – 9th June, 1 or 2 stalls, Jenny’s insurance should be sufficient that she has in League of Friends.

·         Decided we’d have 2 stalls this year. Deb to check with Jenny re insurance and complete form. Deb has spare gazebo for extra stall. Can you use Deb’s and William’s front gardens for drop off points for produce for day



Dig It – article ideas, writing volunteers, copy date

·         Colin will write article re emergencies and what to do (in light of comment re defibrillators at AGM)

·         Deb will write article re TAS get together (reiterating Save the Date email as above)

·         Mary will write articles re the Tilehurst Show re volunteers and also re swap stall (see AOB)

·         Deb will check if Rescue weekend (2-4th March) will encompass collection from site and if so write article

·         Dave to write article re Jenny

·         Aim for 1st week of March for production so copy in to Dave by 26th Feb

Next Committee Meeting

·         26th March – Deb to arrange room booking


·         Jenny replied to planning – Deb gave summary of reply

·         Inserts for new joiners – do we want to pay£2.38 for a Veg Growers planner or just copy existing one? No Deb will source free alternative

·         Get present for Jenny from funds (approx. £50, some plot holders also wanting to contribute). Dave to ask Jenny for ideas of what she’d like

·         Mary has suggested having a table in the car park once a month for excess plants and produce from May onwards. All agreed this was a good idea