Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee of Tilehurst Allotments Society held on

Mon 4th February 2019 7:30 – 9:00 pm

at the committee room Village Hall, Victoria Road


1.       Welcome, apologies and agreement of today’s agenda –

a.       Attendees – Dave Griffiths, Jenny, Phil, William, Colin, May and Deb

b.      Apologies Dave and Rita (Deb’s fault as she forgot to remind)

c.       Agenda agreed – Spring member’s meeting added in


2.       Minutes of meeting Mon 12th November – agreed correct


3.       Reports from Officers – Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary – No specific updates not covered elsewhere in agenda


4.       Updates from the Charity – just a list of plots let in December, list of vacant plots sent. Deb forwarded for Mary to update the spreadsheet.


5.       Bank signatory forms –

a.       Deb and Dave signed new forms

b.      Deb to find minutes from when she was confirmed secretary to forward to Phil

c.       Phil to arrange a meeting with HSBC for him and Deb to get signatories changed when we will also see what on-line banking is possible on the type of account.


6.       Raising the KOG plots

a.       Deb updated re possibility of getting grant from the Neighbourly volunteering website

b.      All agreed we should raise the KOG plot anyway even if we just use TAS account money.

c.       Deb will contact Colin Eastman to check he definitely wants his raised

d.      If so Deb will arrange quote and works to be carried out


7.       Site Issues – anything to report plus discuss Joe Baker’s comments and any actions needed

a.       Discussed the arson attack on the Christmas trees but agreed no further action from TAS committee needed (for example making our contact details more visible)

b.      We will put a note in the next Dig It about trying to keep paths around plots albeit we recognise there are historic obstacles

c.       Joe Baker complaint re paths and hedges and the state of vacant plot PD3a – Deb will pass on to Stephanie to report complaint received and to check 2019 plans for maintenance


8.       Next Dig It – When needed by, Distribution of hard copies, Article ideas

a.       To get articles to Dave by 20th March for distribution from 27th March onwards

b.      Deb will contact Shireen for any special article

c.       Will include growing extra plants for the League of Friends Show; plant and seed swap in Members’ meeting (see AOB); asking to keep TAS updated with contact detail changes


9.       League of Friends show – Saturday June 8th – ok to book double space – agreed, Deb will book


10.   Tilehurst Garden Festival update – Jenny updated on this – she will attend a meeting next week but plans to have open gardens for a weekend in July 2020. Possibly we could join in as an allotment/ organise a social event etc. Jenny will keep the committee updated and also write an article for Dig It


11.   Next Committee Meeting – agreed will aim for 1st April, Deb to book room


12.   AOB to include RBC leaflets on website?

a.       Deb will arrange getting the dumping leaflet on the website; agreed traveller one not really relevant and could be inflammatory

b.      Jenny updated on trying to get the charity’s annual submission in the library, no update received from Stephanie yet though. May include link to charity website in the next Dig It as accounts up to 2016 included here.

c.       Members’ meeting will be on 11th April if hall available, if not the 2nd May. Will have a gardening quiz from Dave and plant/ seed swap. Will discuss final arrangements at the next TAS committee meeting.